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Our attorneys and staff are always available to assist and communicate with our clients.


We have handled several different types of personal injury cases including vehicle collisions, defective product cases, assaults, workplace injuries, and offshore injuries.


We only accept cases that we know we can handle. If we think another attorney is a better fit for your case we will help connect you with that attorney.


We are committed to helping our clients who have been injured in their fight against the big corporations and insurance companies.

About Jose Calderon

Jose has been fighting for those who have been wronged since he was in college when he volunteered, interned, and worked full-time at various nonprofits advocating for and defending the rights of tenant and worker rights. Now Jose fights against the insurance companies and major corporations in order to seek justice for his injured clients. 

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Free Consultation with No Commitment

If you have been injured in a vehicle or workplace incident, it is best to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible in order to preserve evidence and avoid missing any important deadlines your case may have. 

What our clients say...

Lexi Hall
Lexi Hall
Jose was very thorough. He was very knowledgeable throughout the entire experience of my accident. He kept me updated every step of the way. I would absolutely recommend him to anybody going through a stressful personal injury incident. He will deliver!!!
Janay Henderson
Janay Henderson
Attorney Jose Calderon was an amazing lawyer!! It was my first having to get a lawyer and he handled my trust and my case with fidelity and care. If you do your part, he will handle the rest! He stayed on top of things and was able to get things taken care of in a timely manner. I highly recommend Jose Calderon Law Firm to take care of your bodily injury case!
Bárbaro Rodríguez
Bárbaro Rodríguez
Este abogado se portó como un caballero siempre se mantuvo atento y en contacto siguiendo el caso muy de cerca y en tan poco tiempo cosiguio el resultado esperado muchas gracias José y agradecido
Amar Bhat
Amar Bhat
Jose is great! He was very insightful and helpful during our experiences with him!
Elsie Hernandez
Elsie Hernandez
Jose not only fights tooth and nail for what you deserve but the genuine care for your well being is unmatched. Jose gave me true peace of mind when I was in a very vulnerable state with a back injury after my accident and made every decision with me. 10/10 highly recommend The Calderon Law Firm!
Karl Dawood
Karl Dawood
Commitment to the client, Jose & Co. was there when my family needed it most and secured the result I knew was possible. I know who to call if/when there is a next time.
Amine Matta
Amine Matta
Not sure how to say this but I was really dreading this but Jose and his team made my whole experience with my claim seamless Thank you I highly recommend Jose Calderon Law Firm to anyone in need
bernadette martin
bernadette martin
Very professional attorney and got me a very good settlement.
Danasia Lucas
Danasia Lucas
Jose was great , don’t have any doubts when it come to him . He got the job done and I’m very satisfied
Samuel Montaner
Samuel Montaner
Excelente 100% recomendado muy transparente y con respuesta muy rápida !

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